It isn’t just the top of the world up here… it’s another world. Take a scenic gondola ride to the Roundhouse Lodge where a short walk and an open air chair lift ride will bring you to the Peak of Whistler Mountain.

The Whistler Peak Adventure

Whether you are looking for an epic adventure or a great view while having lunch, this is the place to find it. Pick up a Summer Trail Map for descriptions and directions or take a free mountain tour, offered daily at 11:30am.

Whistler Mountain’s wilderness offers a wonderful opportunityfor hiking and walking. Learn about the ecology of diverseecosystems from experienced naturalist guides and take in theincredible scenery.

Our established hiking trails are located on Whistler Mountain,however, sightseeing is available on Blackcomb Mountain until July27, 2008. Access is via the Wizard and Solar Coaster Chairlifts,then a bus ride to the 7th Heaven Express. Hours of operation: 12pmto 3pm.  Uploading from the Wizard Express begins at 11am.

Whistler Alpine Hiking

Alpine forest, snow-capped peaks and indigenous wildlife are just some of the wonders you’ll experience on Whistler’s hiking and walking trails.

You can stop to inspect wildflowers on a short trail or try an overnight backcountry adventure, sleeping under stars in the high alpine. You’ll find places to picnic, play, swim, camp and birdwatch on our trails as well as to take in stunning views across glacial lakes.

If you’re feeling adventurous, trek challenging back routes witha personal guide, or clamp on your boots and crampons toinvestigate glaciers.

For high-spirited explorers, try Whistler’s heli-hiking. You’ll hike across rolling meadows against a backdrop of breath taking mountain vistas.

Whistler Hiking Tips


  • Never hike alone
  • Be prepared. Mountain weather changes frequently so carry extraclothing.
  • Observe all closures. Stay on marked trails to avoid damage tothe alpine ecosystem.
  • Steep slopes, snow and ice fields are very dangerous. You mayencounter various hazards such as cliffs, glaciers, crevasses, rockfalls, avalanches and unstable surfaces.
  • Treat all wildlife with caution. Do not feed or approachbears.
  • Carry water, a snack, sunscreen and a watch. Make note of thelast ride down (5:30pm).
  • No hiking permitted in the Bike Park.
  • Fires, dogs and camping are not allowed.


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