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Discover Beauty, History, and Wildlife

Capture the essence of Whistler with Whistler Valley Tours' essential full valley tour. Immerse in stunning views, capture fantastic photos, and savor insightful local knowledge. Enjoy seamless transport to must-see spots, including scenic viewpoints, Olympic venues, historic sites, and a hidden local marketplace. Wildlife like bears and eagles are often spotted during warmer months, enhancing your journey. Explore Whistler's finest with convenience and expertise!

The Great Whistler Walking Tour

Experience the best of Whistler, BC with The Great Whistler Walking Tour – an enriching blend of scenery, culture, and exercise. Embark on a 1.5-hour journey through the heart of Central Whistler Village. Delve into local insights, storytelling, dining tips, and activity recommendations from your knowledgeable guide. Make the most of your visit by immersing in the scenic, cultural, and vibrant essence of Whistler.

Discover Whistler's Awe-Inspiring Beauty from Above!

Embark on your seaplane aviation journey with an unforgettable floatplane flight! Harbour Air offer two tours. You can choose to rise over Whistler's valley from Green Lake, witnessing iconic spots like Whistler Village and the 2010 Winter Olympic Games venues. Marvel at the magnificent Brandywine Falls, a 230-meter waterfall etched in memory.

Alternatively, take your experience to new heights and utilize Whistler's ultimate lift ticket for breathtaking panoramic views of the village. Soar above the valley to discover rugged peaks, majestic glaciers, and lush alpine meadows of the Coast Mountain range. Don't miss the awe-inspiring turquoise waters of mile-high Garibaldi Lake. Elevate your adventure and embrace Whistler's natural splendor!
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