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As winter descends again and those first glorious layers of powder cover the mountains of Whistler and Blackcomb, there’s more to look forward to than epic ski slopes and breathtaking mountain vistas.

Whistler’s abundance of excellent dining establishments won’t just feed you – they’ll provide a refuge from the cold and a taste of pure comfort. We couldn’t possibly cover them all here, but read on to learn about a few of our coziest restaurants and their hearty dishes that promise to both fill your belly and warm your soul.

Rimrock Cafe: Fine food and great service in an elegant atmosphere


The Rimrock Cafe is known as Whistler’s go-to for upscale fish and game with an inspired menu full of creative takes on familiar dishes. Come here to treat yourself to an elegant yet rustic ambiance, a wine cellar that’s reason enough to linger, and wait staff known for their attentive and accommodating service.

The Seared Scallops with house cured bacon, apple and leek puree & pickled charred leek are a great starter to awaken the taste buds, and the Beef Tenderloin Tartare is exquisite.

For your main course we recommend the Wild Salmon, or the Roasted Rack of Lamb covered with herb provençal and served with garlic mashed potatoes and a red wine demi. The Grilled Asparagus with Lemon Butter makes an excellent side.

Enjoy the picturesque scenery along with your evening of exceptional service and unforgettable cuisine, and be sure to book your reservation well in advance as you won’t be the only ones coming in from the cold.



IL Caminetto: Sophisticated and elegant Italian classics with a modern touch


The ambiance of this restaurant led by some of the country’s top chefs is as mellowed as a finely aged wine, perfectly reflected in its name, which is Italian for “the fireplace.” Exactly where you want to be to tuck yourself away from the winter chill.

Featuring an expertly curated 4-course menu Sunday through Thursday, as well as a modern alla carte menu that reimagines Italian classics, you’ll be hard pressed to choose because everything at Il Caminetto is superb.

Our personal favorite? The currently featured “Prix Fixe” four course menu.

Start things off with a cicchetti of sicilian olives accompanied by roasted tomatoes, chilies, herbs, and orange zest. Next up, your antipasti. How about the Whistler Harvest Mushroom Risotto? Lavishly garnished with grana padano, chives, porcini, and truffle essence, this dish embodies warmth and comfort.

Now for your secondi. We can’t help but recommend the Tagliatelle Bolognese made with Brant Lake wagyu beef. Pair this dish with a recommendation from Il Caminetto’s wine experts and you’ll be in heaven.

And finally, your dolci: the tiramisu is fantastic, but why not try something new with the Torta Caprese. Hazelnut whipped ganache with candied hazelnuts and spiced chantilly cream?

“Molto bello!”



Wild Blue Restaurant + Bar: Show stopping fine dining


Wild Blue is a relative newcomer to the culinary scene, but that hasn’t stopped it from quickly becoming known as one of the best restaurants in BC led by industry veterans and top chefs. This is elevated Pacific Northwest seafood cuisine at its finest, with a focus on sustainable and local ingredients.

Start things off with oysters harvested from the coastal waters of BC, or the divine caviar with creme fraiche, potato blini and smoked salmon. Choose from a number of mouthwatering appetizers like poached Dungeness crab with louie sauce or an Autumn Carrot Soup with hazelnut chantilly.

Move on to some house-made pasta or indulge in an entree of Pan Roasted Ling Cod or the to-die-for Sablefish with turnip, radish, maitake mushroom, sesame, and roasted fish bone sauce. For dessert, we recommend the Toffee Pudding with candied walnut, dates, almond streusel, salted caramel ice cream, and toffee sauce.

Keep a glass of champagne at your side and enjoy the culinary mastery at Wild Blue.



Luxury In Whistler Accommodation and Itineraries

With options ranging from romantic and sophisticated to casual and family friendly, featuring establishments that emphasize local products and farm-to-table quality, and with every culinary region of the world represented here in Whistler, there’s truly something for everyone.

So replace the chill of the outdoors with the warmth of good company, great food, and the flickering allure of the open fire–and get in touch with Luxury In Whistler to plan your exploration of Whistler’s winter culinary delights.

From ice skating to bungee jumping, Whistler Blackcomb has activities for everyone. And whatever you choose during your stay, you’re guaranteed to leave with priceless memories and stories. Now let’s explore some of the family-friendly winter activities you can plan for this season.



It’s more strenuous than hiking, but slower paced and more relaxed than skiing or snowboarding. Snowshoeing is a great activity for the whole family to slow down and fully absorb the majesty of the alpine beauty around you. Among the places you can snowshoe are Lost Lake Park, Rainbow Mountain, or the Whistler Olympic Park.

Family Ski Day


There are plenty of green and blue trails on both mountains–just the right combination of ease and exhilaration. Legend has it there’s a secret tree fort on Whistler and an enchanted castle on Blackcomb. You’ll just have to find them first…

Activities for Teenagers

Sometimes teens like to get away from Mom and Dad for a few hours, don’t they? One way to affirm their burgeoning independence is to put them into snow school, where teens aged 13-18 receive ski and snowboard lessons in all skill levels.

It’s a great way to meet other kids their age, learn new skills, forge lasting friendships, and explore both mountains with an experienced coach.




If you’re feeling more adventurous, consider an afternoon of high wire ziplining.

Yes–you can ride a zipline across the valley from one mountain to the next, soaring above the snow capped trees and screaming like a maniac. If you’re especially daring you can try “Superfly,” a zipline spanning more than a kilometer from 200 meters in the air.

There’s nothing quite like it, and if you can convince Grandpa to give it a shot you’ll be the family hero.

Ice skating


A classic Canadian pastime, and there’s a great variety of skating in Whistler. You can skate outdoors at Whistler Olympic Plaza with views of the mountains, or venture further afield and lace up for a skate on one of the local lakes.

If you do skate on lake ice, be sure you understand the risks and can assess the conditions for safety. You want to have at least 6 inches of ice thickness, and preferably several days of cold weather (below -10° C / 14° F) before getting on the ice.

Avoid any signs of open water or slushy conditions. In fact, it’s a good idea to stay close to shore where the water is shallower. Also, never skate alone, stay in groups, and keep a close eye on everyone!

And if indoor skating is more your style, head over to the NHL-size rink at Meadow Park Sports Center where equipment is available for rent at the full service skate shop.

Snow Tubing & Tobogganing


What more really needs to be said? Go flying down a snowy hill at top speed in a snow tube, come to rest at the bottom of the hill, then take a special conveyor belt back to the top and do it all over again.

This is how you can pass your time at the Bubly Tube Park, or you can head over to the Whistler Olympic Park for some good old fashioned tobogganing.

PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola


Aside from a private helicopter ride, this is your best bet for incredible panoramic views. If you start at the Whistler Village Gondola, then take the PEAK 2 PEAK all the way up Whistler Mountain and then down Blackcomb Mountain, you’ll enjoy a continuous 13.5 KM loop with a bird’s eye view of the mountains, glaciers, and forests. There’s even a glass-bottomed gondola along the way to take your sightseeing to the next level.

Whistler Olympic Park


One of the most popular places for winter adventurers. Here you’ll find all kinds of gear for rent, a massive area to explore, a day lodge with cafe, and dog-friendly ski and snowshoe trails. This wintery paradise has cross country skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, and even biathlon (that cool sport combining cross-country skiing and rifle marksmanship).

Vallea Lumina


Vallea Lumina is a multimedia night walk that immerses you in glimmering light shows in the forested trails of Cougar Mountain. A perfect activity for all ages, groups, and families. And children aged 5 and under get free admission.


“But Wait–There’s More”

We couldn’t possibly cover all the available activities in this short article! There’s so much to do here in Whistler Blackcomb that if you come here and you’re bored, you’re doing something wrong!

For more information and for pricing on all the above activities (and more) visit:

If you’re already decided on how you and your family want to spend your visit, or you need a little help planning your trip, get in touch with Luxury In Whistler to book your mountain accommodations today.

Although Whistler is an outdoor sports mecca, several indoor facilities will allow you to keep your training habits and enjoy fitness classes. As usual, Whistler provides a variety of choices from the beginner classes to Olympic-level training.

Indoor Facilities

Many hotels offer their own fitness and weights rooms, and several accommodation complexes provide essentials in terms of conditioning equipment.

f you are looking for a large sports centre that offers all the main fitness machines, weights and more, you can choose between The Core, located in the Village, or the Meadow Park Sports Centre in the Alpine Meadow sector. The first is a fitness facility featuring an indoor climbing area with easy from professional routes, weights, cardio, fitness and yoga classes and equipment.

There is also a Kids’ Adventure Centre, helpful on a rainy afternoon or for an introduction to rock climbing. The second, Meadow Park, provides endless possibilities. With an indoor pool and kids pool (including lazy river and rope swing!), hot tub, steam room, ice rink arena, fitness studio, weight room and squash court, you will enjoy a top-of-the-art training centre.

Join a Class – Fitness, Yoga and More

If you prefer a group environment and want to discover anew activity, both locations offer a wide range drop-in classes. Meadow Park Sports Centre schedules aerobics, step, pilates and box fit classes and circuit-training. The Core offers spin, ball fit, pilates, cardio, weight, runner fit, core and yoga classes in its fitness studio, as well as climbing lessons on the indoor climbing wall.

Locations & Registration



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